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'The Bachelorette' Recap: Andi Dorfman Picks Four Guys for Hometown Visits

July 1, 2014 (3:36 am) GMT
Andi admits she has a 'passionate relationship' with Nick V. who sneaks into her hotel room in Brussels, and is relieved that Josh finally opens up to her.

It's down to four by the end of "" latest episode airing on Monday, June 30. The remaining six guys, Brian, Chris, Dylan, Josh, Marcus and Nick, were all in love with , but two would go home with a broken heart after their dates in Brussels.

Marcus got the first one-on-one date card, admitting that he "was scared of the emotions" he felt for Andi. During dinner at the Palais de Academies, he revealed his dad left the family. "It's the abandon issue," he said. Andi thinks Marcus will be "an amazing father" some day and they kissed. To the camera, she described him as "a total package man."

Nick couldn't wait for his turn to have a date with Andi and sneaked into her hotel room, telling the concierge that Andi's his wife and he forgot their room number. Andi was surprised to see him and they later went walking around town. She looked thrilled that they're breaking the rules. They kissed by a tree as Andi admitted their relationship was "very passionate."

Josh scored the second one-on-one date. Andi wanted him to be honest about his feelings, while Josh confessed, "I got this feeling inside for Andi. But I'm just not into dating someone who's dating other guys."

During dinner in a castle, Josh finally told Andi that he's falling in love with her. "When I say that, that means that's the person I want to marry," he explained. Andi was so happy, saying, "I wanted for so badly for Josh to say those words."

Before the group date with Dylan, Brian and Chris, Nick told the other guys, "I cannot wait to never have to do this again." They rode bikes to a monastery and once they arrived, Andi told her suitors, "There's no kissing within the walls."

During a private moment with Chris, they reenacted the pottery scene from "Ghost" and kissed, breaking the rule she announced earlier. Brian also took her away to tell her, "I'm generally falling in love with you. ...I've never said those words to someone. Ever."

Nick got the rose, and the other three guys were upset. Back at home, Marcus was not happy either that Nick got the rose, calling him "a douchebag" and said, "If he makes it to the final two, I guarantee he's going to walk." They guys confronted Nick as soon as he returned, accusing him that he was there not for Andi.

At a cocktail party, the guys made one last move to earn a spot in the upcoming hometown dates. Josh, Marcus and Chris joined Nick to get a rose, while Dylan and Brian were eliminated. Andi cried and the two guys couldn't hold back tears either as Dylan said she's someone he would "never forget."

In other news, Andi slammed rumor of her getting pregnant after spending a night with two out of three suitors during the Fantasy Suite dates on the reality show. "I love learning from a 'magazine' that I am 'pregnant.' Too bad my cramps didn't get the memo :(" she tweeted in response to the story published by In Touch Weekly.


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