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'The Bachelorette' Recap: A Villain Sent Home After Racism Accusation

June 17, 2014 (4:01 am) GMT
Marquel confronts Andrew about his alleged 'blackies' remarks during the first ceremony, but the two end up sent packing by Andi Dorfman.

and her remaining suitors on "" flew to Marseilles, France for a romantic week, but it turned a bit intense during a group date. The drama began at the hotel, when JJ told Marquel that he heard Andrew said, "Oh, she gave it to the two blackies," when Andi gave the roses to Ron and Marquel at the first rose ceremony early on the show.

JJ claimed, "I heard blackies. Maybe he said black guys, but...I wasn't that drunk." Marquel went emotional as saying that he didn't like it to be addressed that way, but decided to "gather" his thoughts before taking action.

JJ, Marquel and Andrew were on a group date along with Marcus, Dylan, Chris, Cody, Nick and Patrick. Wearing a black-and-white striped shirt, the guys learned to mime from an instructor in whiteface. They later performed at the public square and Andi noticed that Nick's "not happy."

During a cocktail party, JJ stole Andi for some along time. Meanwhile, they guys ganged up on Nick, with Cody accusing Nick of mocking him and the others complaining about how arrogant Nick was. After Chris and Cody told Andi what's going on, Andi confronted Nick.

Andi said it's "hard" for her, because she felt a "mental, emotional connection with him that's off the charts." Nick eventually won her back after reading a poem he wrote for her and they kissed.

Later, Marquel confronted Andrew about his alleged "blackies" remark, but the latter denied it. "I've never said anything like that in my entire life," Marquel insisted. "This is complete bull****. I don't understand why, whoever it was, decided to make that statement. I swear to God I didn't say that."

Marquel decided not to pursue it further. "Maybe he did say it. Maybe he didn't say it. I'm not going to sit up all night and say, 'Who's really telling the truth? I spoke my truth," he said. Andrew admitted he's not sure he could stay with "this whole drama." Andi gave the rose to JJ and Nick was not happy about it.

Getting the one-on-one date with Andi in the June 16 episode was Josh. The former pro baseball player likened the date to a huge playoff game. They took a boat ride and went to a palace for a dinner. Andi wondered if the attraction was "solely physical" and was waiting for an "emotional connection."

Josh opened up a little bit about his life as a pro baseball player and being cheating on among other things. He told Andi, "I feel like I've known you for a long time. This is the first time I've felt this way in forever," and she gave him a rose.

The second one-on-one date card went to Brian. They enjoyed a private screening of Disney's movie "" coming out in August. The movie inspired Andi to cook but Brian wasn't into it. "He's just so timid and not what I was expecting. ... It's a bummer," Andi commented.

They eventually went to a sidewalk cafe and they kissed. "Our chemistry is good. I still believe in us and want to give us a chance," Andi said, giving the high school basketball coach a rose.

At the rose ceremony, Andi eliminated Andrew, Patrick and Marquel. Andrew said he felt "disappointed," while Marquel shed tears as saying, "I came here for the opportunity to fall in love. Unfortunately it wasn't in God's plan right now, I'm not anything special, but I want love real bad."


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