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'The Bachelorette' Recap: 'Perfect' First Date, Stripper Dance and Drunk Idiot

May 27, 2014 (4:24 am) GMT
Andi Dorfman picks Eric Hill as her first date on the show, other guys strip off for charity, and Craig goes rowdy after too many drinks.
'The Bachelorette' Recap: 'Perfect' First Date, Stripper Dance and Drunk Idiot

After meeting her suitors and eliminating some in the premiere episode of "" season 10, went on her first date on the show. In a beautiful yet heartbreaking turn, Eric Hill who died in a paragliding accident last April was Andi's choice for the one-on-one date.

"This could actually be the key to my fairy tale," hopeful Eric said as he believed that he could find love on the show. "He's really cute," Andi gushed about the explorer. They headed to a beach where they built a sand castle and flew a kite, before a helicopter whisked them away to Bear Mountain.

There, snowboarder Louis Vito gave them a lesson about snowboarding. The two could not stop praising each other, with Eric saying, "It's pretty cute watching Andi." Andi, in return, said, "He is the total package."

During a dinner, they talked about Eric's trip to Syria and his goal to have a family. At the end of the night, Andi gave him a rose, saying it was "the perfect first date." Eric said, "It's crazy to think this could be the first date with my future wife."

Next, Ryan, Marquel, Craig, Bradley, Brett, Patrick, Cody, Tasos, Josh, Ron Marcus, Nick S., Dylan and Brian went on a group date with Andi. They hit a Hollywood nightclub where they would do "Magic Mike" dance in front of live audience for charity, with Sharleen and Kelly from last season of "" joining Andi watching in the front row. The guys, showing off their abs, were dressed as army soldiers, cowboys and firefighters. Marcus was "anxious," but once he got on stage, he showed off his sexy moves.

In a cocktail party, Craig had a few too many drinks and went rowdier with each time passing. He talked to Andi, who realized that he's "annihilated." Craig then jumped into the pool with his clothes on, prompting Andi to question the guys' motive to join the show. "They do get that they're here to date, right?" she asked. Craig ended up being taken home by the producers, while Marcus got a rose from Andi.

The second one-on-one date card went to Chris. Andi took the Iowa farmer to the Santa Anita horse racing track. They talked with a random couple who had been married for 55 years and Chris said, "I'm already a winner because I'm here with the most amazing woman on the planet."

Later during a dinner, Chris recounted his broken engagement to a girl in college. Andi said he made her believe that she would find love and gave him a rose. They kissed while dancing during a private concert by This Wild Life.

In a cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Nick V. set up a mini date and proposed a toast with Champagne. Marquel, wearing striped socks, plaid shirt and floral tie, talked to Andi alone and she found him "hilarious." Brett did a sock puppet show, Andi broke plates with Tasos and she kissed Josh.

Craig also got a chance to apologize for getting drunk during their group date. "To know I was a drunk idiot the other night sucked," he admitted, trying to win her heart by singing a song and playing a guitar.

It apparently didn't work since Craig was sent packing with firefighter Carl and pro golfer Nick S. The rest of the guys, Eric, Marcus, Chris, Ron, Dylan, JJ, Marquel, Andrew, Tasos, Josh, Cody, Nick V., Patrick, Brian, Brett and Bradley, remain on the show which will return with a new episode next week.


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