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'The Amazing Race: All-Stars' Winners Set Records

May 19, 2014 (8:11 am) GMT
A team takes home the $1 million grand prize in the season finale, which features a great escape challenge by master illusionist David Copperfield.
'The Amazing Race: All-Stars' Winners Set Records

The three remaining teams of "" season 24 were finally back in the U.S. after traveling across three continents and through eight countries. Father and son Dave & Connor, country singers Caroline & Jen, as well as newlyweds Brendon & Rachel were vying for the winning title and the grand prize in the final leg.

The teams flew from London to Las Vegas. En route to MGM Grand, they had to find a box that contained 50 keys in the desert that they would need in the Roadblock. The Roadblock was a great escape challenge created by illusionist David Copperfield.

In this task, one member of each team would be locked inside a wooden crate and use one of the keys to unlock the shackle. After that, they had to find another key to unlock the crate, which was suspended and on fire. The magic was, once the crate dropped into fire, the locked player would have escaped. Connor completed it first, followed by Jen and Rachel.

They next headed to the Neon Boneyard Museum, where they had to unscrew a light bulb and take it to the Mirage, where the letter "l" in the sign went out. Caroline & Jen and Dave & Connor were neck to neck but the latter pair managed to finish it first, while Brenchel were left behind.

The teams later went to Maverick Helicopters, where they faced a second Roadblock. The racers had to take a helicopter, fly over The Strip and locate their drop zone, where they would land by skydiving.

Dave and Caroline spotted the sign nearly at the same time, but Dave landed first. He and his son Connor hit the finish line at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway first and won the $1 million. Dave is the oldest person to win "The Amazing Race" at age 58 and they become the first parent-child team to win in the history of the competition. "Three years ago, Connor was undergoing chemotherapy right now ... and to be here with him now is amazing," Dave said.

Caroline & Jen placed second, while Brenchel finished third. The married couple postponed their plan to have a baby since they didn't win, but added, "The adventure we had on this race, we'll eventually tell our Brenchel babies."


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