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Shailene Woodley Shows Off New Hair, Donates Locks to Charity

August 19, 2013, 4:49 am GMT

The 'Divergent' actress says, 'There was a time when growing my hair out symbolized something for me, but ... sharing the ability to have long hair with someone feels far more powerful right now.'

Shailene Woodley proudly shows off her new look online. The "Divergent" beauty cuts her long luscious tresses to prepare for her role as a cancer patient in upcoming film "The Fault in Our Stars" and donates her locks for a good cause in the process.

"...and so it begins... #itgrowsback #hairforhazel," she tweeted before uploading a picture of two bunches of her chopped-off hair. "Hair nubbins #itgrowsback #hairforhazel." She later posted an image of her with shorter do, "Work in progress... but luckily, #itgrowsback !!!"

"For the past five years I've been on an i-want-to-grow-my-hair-as-long-as-possible kick. before cutting it for a project last december, it was almost down to my bum. holy wow it was long. about half way through my hair-growing escapade, i began to deeply look at WHY i was so keen on creating flowing locks down my spine," she shared on her Tumblr.

"After much thought and curiosity surrounding the subject, i finally came to the conclusion that hair, for me, was a symbol of strength. it was a symbol of commitment to my power. of connection to my ancestry. of recognizing my natural beauty. that which exists without chemical dyes, or hairspray, or scissors."

After listening to Regina Spektor's song "Ghost of Corporate Future", she said, she "was immediately inspired to cut my own hair off with abandon. shed old layers and practice the art of playfulness."

"There was a time when growing my hair out symbolized something for me, but the power of sharing that choice, sharing the ability to have long hair with someone feels far more powerful right now," she elaborated. "I know what it feels like to have wind blow through my wavy locks, and I am over-the-top grateful I get to share that gift with another."

She donated her hair to Children With Hair Loss which provides human hair replacement to kids who have lost their hair due to medical conditions.

And she encouraged her fans to follow her footsteps, "Any of you have 8 inches of hair to spare? or maybe know a friend or family member that does? if so, consider JOINING THE #hairforhazel TEAM! I've already got my mom committed, and possibly a few friends as well."

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