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American Legion Accepts CBS Apology for Featuring Crashed B-5 on 'Amazing Race'

March 26, 2013 (2:45 am) GMT
CBS admits it was being 'insensitive' to those who served in Vietnam by filming parts of the show at the site of a crashed American B-52, but Fox News thinks the apology is not good enough.
American Legion Accepts CBS Apology for Featuring Crashed B-5 on 'Amazing Race'

Almost a week after it was criticized for featuring "insensitive" segment in last week's episode of "", CBS has finally apologized for it. On Sunday, March 24, host Phil Keoghan opened the latest episode by reading a statement expressing their remorse.

"Parts of last Sunday's episode, filmed in Vietnam, were insensitive to a group that is very important to us - our nation's veterans," he said. "We want to apologize to veterans - particularly those who served in Vietnam - as well as to their families and any viewers who were offended by the broadcast. All of us here have the most profound respect for the men and women who fight for our country."

James E. Koutz, a Vietnam veteran and head of the American Legion veterans group who demanded an apology last week from CBS, has accepted the apology. Believing that the network's statement was "sincere and heartfelt," he said, "America is a forgiving country. When you make a mistake, you own up to it."

John McCain, the senior United States Senator from Arizona, who was one of the nation's most prominent prisoners of war in Vietnam has also reacted to CBS' statement. "CBS did the right thing by apologizing for #AmazingRace Hanoi episode," he tweeted. "We all make mistakes - the issue is closed."

However, the apology apparently wasn't enough for Fox News, which also demanded an apology from CBS last week. On Monday morning, March 25, "Fox & Friends" conducted a poll asking viewers whether "The Amazing Race" apology was good enough. It later expressed dissatisfaction toward the way CBS showed its regret.

CBS was under fire after airing the March 17 episode of "The Amazing Race" which was filmed at the site of a crashed B-52, an American bomber plane shot down during the Vietnam War, in Hanoi which Vietnamese authorities turned into a memorial. The said outing also featured the contestants learning a song which parts of the lyrics read, "Vietnam Communist Party is glorious. The light is guiding us to victory."

After the episode aired, Koutz released a statement saying, "What wasn't shown were the U.S. crewmembers that were killed or the grieving American families that were left behind. The Department of Defense is encouraging Americans to honor and commemorate our Vietnam War veterans for the sacrifice that they made 50 years ago."

He additionally stated at the time, "We only wish that the network that once gave us Kate Smith - famous for her rendition of 'God Bless America' - would return to its great roots and not be so eager to broadcast anti-American propaganda."


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