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'American Idol' Top 10 Girls Perform: Zoanette Disappoints, Candice Nails a John Legend

March 6, 2013 (6:11 am) GMT
Janelle Aubrey successfully takes on Elvis Presley's song, Nicki Minaj compliments Tenna Torres ' boobs, and Kree Harrison gets rave reviews for a cover of Faith Hill's 'Stronger'.

The Top 10 ladies of "" season 12 performed live for the first time on Tuesday, March 5. reminded that viewers would decide the fate of the contestants with their votes, saying, "Tonight, you start calling the shots."

Kicking off the show was Zoanette Johnson who sang 's "What's Love Got to Do With It". Her unique performance didn't quite amuse the judges this time as said, "That wasn't it." added, "That was a mess, baby," but praised her joyous and free spirit.

Breanna Steer went with ' "Flaws and All" and Keith loved her song choice. Nicki disagreed, "I think this was the absolute wrong song for you. You sounded like you were straining throughout the entire performance." Randy thought the song choice was cool but safe, while said the song's "lyrically very raw and very simplistic, in a way, and very real."

The judges basically liked Aubrey Cleland's performance of a.k.a. Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry", but Keith thought the song didn't let Aubrey to show off her vocal. Randy likened her to , while Mariah commented, "You so obviously have multi-platinum potential, and I hope that people out there see it, too."

's "If I Can Dream" was Janelle Arthur's choice and the judges had nothing but good words for her. "I love that you have this really classic, country voice and you blend it with modern runs," Keith praised her. Nicki dubbed it the "best vocal of the night so far."

Tenna Torres covered 's "Lost". Nicki liked not only the performance, but also Tenna's boobs. Mariah loved the song choice, and Randy complimented her for not over-singing it. Keith, meanwhile, advised her, "Don't let your camera pull you off your emotion when you're in your song."

Angela Miller a.k.a. Angie Miller covered "Never Gone" by "Idol" alum , playing a piano. Mariah said she's blown away by what Angie did, as Keith called the performance "beautiful." Nicki gushed, "The trumpets should sound when you walk in the room... Can I just get your album?" and Randy declared, "America, a star is born on that stage right there."

Amber Holcomb took on 's "I Believe in You and Me" and she nailed it. "What a perfect song for you, in my opinion," Keith commented, while Nicki raved, "That was a 10. Billion. Katillion... Your vocals are surpassing even this competition." Randy chimed in, "Amber is definitely in it to win it."

Another song by Faith Hill was brought on to "Idol" stage when Kree Harrison covered "Stronger". The judges were clearly amazed with Keith admitting, "I do love to hear you sing." Nicki reminded her, "You already know that you're my 'wife'," as Mariah asked, "How can you top that?" Randy added, "I had no idea your range was that big."

Adriana Latonio delivered a rendition of 's "Stand Up for Love", but Keith thought it wasn't the best song choice for her. Nicki agreed, saying, "I would suggest that you work a little bit and come back next year. ... I think the song was too big for you." Randy called it "safe," "kind of pageant-y," and "a little boring," while Mariah said, "We're used to hearing a more soulful moment from you that's less produced."

Closing the show that night was Candice Glover who did 's "Ordinary People". She wowed the judges as Keith exclaimed, "Tonight was superb, baby." Nicki simply said, "That's it -- that's my comment." Mariah added, "Thank you for that performance and sharing your gift with us and everybody watching," as Randy was upset by the fact that only five of the girls would make it to the next round.

On Wednesday, the Top 10 guys will sing and the ten finalists will be revealed on Thursday.

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