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Andy Serkis on Gollum's Return in 'Hobbit' Sequels: 'Never Say Never'

December 14, 2012 (7:25 am) GMT
Though stating that 'there certainly aren't any plans for Gollum to return' to 'Desolation of Smaug' or 'There and Back Again', Serkis believes that there's still a possibility.
Andy Serkis on Gollum's Return in 'Hobbit' Sequels: 'Never Say Never'

It is widely known that Peter Jackson has planned to expand J.R.R. Tolkien's world into three "Hobbit" movies. With the planned trilogy, some fans are expecting to see more scenes of the iconic cave dweller Gollum in the sequels to "". Though it's likely that the skinny creature won't be needed in the next two films, still believes that there might be a possibility to reprise his role again.

Asked by MTV News if there's a chance to see Gollum in "" and "The Hobbit: There and Back Again", Serkis responds, "That's a very good question." He adds, "At the moment there certainly aren't any plans for Gollum to return. But I always say [when working] Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, never say never."

During the interview, Serkis' co-star also weighs in on Jackson's decision to adapt the Bilbo Baggins tale in three films instead of just two. The Bilbo depicter admits that he's not so surprised when Jackson first told him of the plan. "By the time they officially told us it was kind of on the grapevine," he says. "As you can imagine film sets are a hive of gossip, when you've been somewhere a year and a half sometimes there is little else to do but gossip. So no we got the idea that it might be happening."

Sir also has a similar comment to Freeman's about the trilogy. "I remember it was the last day of shooting and Martin Freeman, and I were called in to see [Jackson] and we thought, 'It's too late to sack us'," so he jokes when recalling the first time Jackson told him about his big plan.

Gushing that the trilogy plan gets full support from Warner Bros. Pictures from the beginning, the Gandalf depicter says, "Of course they are, Warner Brothers would be happy if Peter Jackson made 13 ['Hobbit'] movies." He goes, "It does mean that we're going to have to go back and do more filming and that's fine and next May we'll all be back in New Zealand, back in Middle-earth."

Peter Jackson himself recently explained to reporters when attending "An Unexpected Journey" premiere in New York about why he made a trilogy instead of just concluding the story in two movies. "The book is written in a very brisk pace, so pretty major events in the story are covered in only two or three pages," he said.

"So once you start to develop the scenes, and plus you wanted to do a little bit more character development, plus the fact that we could also adapt the appendices of Return of the King, which is 100-odd pages of material that sort of takes place around the time of The Hobbit. So we wanted to expand the story of The Hobbit a little bit more, as did Tolkien himself. So all those factors combined gave us the material to do it."

The first "Hobbit" will be released this Friday, December 14, while its follow-up "Desolation of Smaug" will open next year on December 13. The finale, meanwhile, will arrive in 2014 on July 18.


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