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'The X Factor' Top 6 Go Unplugged, Judges Get Tough on CeCe Frey

December 6, 2012 (6:43 am) GMT
Britney Spears thinks CeCe's stripped-down version of 'Edge of Glory' is 'just good,' while Carly Rose Sonenclar gets rave reviews for her two performances.

"" returned with the remaining 6 contestants on Wednesday, December 5. Each singing hopeful had to perform twice: one was an unplugged number and the other was viewers' choice.

Before CeCe Frey delivered a stripped-down version of 's "Edge of Glory", L.A. Reid commented, "I think Cece should have gone home a long time ago." He, however, changed his mind after watching her performance, saying, "That was really good."

Not all of the judges were impressed though. said, "I think at this point in the competition it should be great, and it was just good for me." agreed with Britney, stating that CeCe's not "worth the $5 million recording contract" and her performance was a "little too cabaret."

For her second performance, CeCe sang 's "Part of Me". "If there were ever a karaoke performance, that was one," L.A. gushed. Britney thought it was "very entertaining," while Simon liked it that she's always being a "tryer." praised her protege, "You made me proud. And if the Princess of Pop is sitting right here saying you did a good job."

Emblem3 went accoustic with ' "Just the Way You Are". Britney said it was "hands down" their best performance. Demi gave similar a comment, "You guys did great, but it wasn't the best." She added that the performance was a "downgraded version of the five years ago," but Simon said her opinion was "incredibly dumb."

Emblem3 got some love from the judges with their next performance of 's "Forever Young". L.A. and Demi said they're a "fan," but the latter added, "I just want to see you command the stage more." Meanwhile, Britney said, "I thought it was a superstar performance."

Carly Rose Sonenclar continued to establish herself as a frontrunner on the competition with her stripped-down version of 's "As Long As You Love Me". Britney said it's better than The Biebs' recorded version, while Simon gushed, "I am seeing a star emerge."

Carly once again impressed the judges and the audience as she sang ' "If I Were a Boy". L.A. said, "You're so talented." Demi called her vocal "phenomenal," but suggested her to sing an uptempo song. Simon told Carly not to listen to Demi, but thought, "It's an odd lyric for you to be singing." Demi interrupted him, "No, it's not. Beyonce sang that song."

Before Fifth Harmony took the stage to deliver an unplugged version of 's "Set Fire to the Rain", L.A. expressed his concern that the group "never sing harmony." L.A. sticked to his opinion after the performance, saying, "I still didn't hear any harmony. I think you have the wrong name. They should have called you Fifth Unison."

America chose Demi's "Give Your Heart a Break" for Fifth Harmony to sing, and this time L.A. "actually heard harmony." Demi also praised them, "I think this song should have been your song. ... You guys definitely sang it better than the original."

Diamond White covered 's "It's a Man's World" for her first performance. Demi said it was "risky" but she "pulled it off," while Simon noticed it was "a little screechy." Britney, on the other hand, thought the young singer "destroyed it."

L.A. didn't love Diamond's rendition of 's "Diamonds", but Demi thought she "definitely did it justice." Simon commented, "Overall I think you've had a good night."

Tate Stevens put a country twist to 's "Livin' on a Prayer". Britney said, "I feel like you're getting away from what you do best ... country." Demi said the performance "was a little boring," but she believed that she would buy his album one day. Simon harshly said it was "like taking a goldfish for a walk. In other words, you can't."

Tate returned to his comfort zone by singing ' "If Tomorrow Never Comes" for his second performance, and Britney commented, "That felt like a Tate Stevens performance." Simon agreed as declaring, "Welcome back, Tate Stevens, to the competition."

On Thursday, December 6, two more contestants will be eliminated.


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