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'The Voice' Top 6 Performances: Trevin Hunte Successfully Out of Comfort Zone

December 4, 2012 (6:38 am) GMT
Trevin shows a fun performance of 'Walking on Sunshine' which is far from his ballad root, while Terry McDermott delivers a stripped-down version of 'I Want to Know What Love Is'.

The battle on "" continued on Monday, December 3 with six contestants and three coaches in the running for the winning title. , who has no protege left on the competition, said she's excited "to sit back and literally be entertained."

That night, each finalist sang two songs which were their own pick and the coaches' pick. Nicholas David sang 's "September" first which was chosen by Green. The member was sick during the mentoring session, so he was replaced by 's Pat Monahan in the taped segment.

Cee-Lo, however, made it to the live show and noted that Nick "shied away from the hook part." agreed as saying, "I wanted to hear you sing some of that chorus," while Christina added, "I'd like to see you go a little more adventurous."

Nick's choice for his second performance was "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", which is his mother's favorite song. "I'm genuinely a fan of your music... I'm sure there's a lot of people weeping right now, in a good way," Adam commented, as called it "magic and beautiful."

Cee-Lo picked "Walking on Sunshine" for Trevin to bring the 18-year-old out of his comfort zone. "It's time to have fun," Trevin said optimistically and he managed to impress the judges. Adam said it was "the last song I could ever imagine" he sang, but he nailed it. Cee-Lo said, "It made me feel so much better to see you happy and moving."

For his second performance, Trevin sang "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" and earned standing ovation from all four judges. Christina invited him on the road with her, saying, "If a record deal doesn't happen with you, I'd love to take you on the road, personally." Meanwhile, Cee-Lo enthused, "I'd like to take a moment of silence to mourn the loss of all the competition."

Amanda Brown sang her own choice "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" for her first performance which prompted Blake to call her "a world-class singer." Adam couldn't help praising his protege, "That is an awe-inspiring performance." The frontman picked Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again" for Amanda's second performance, which also earned rave reviews.

Melanie Martinez took the risk by covering Cee-Lo's song "Crazy" and making it her own signature indie song. Cee-Lo commented, "I think you did a great job." Adam noted there were some "pitch issues," but added, "Who cares?!"

Adam chose 's "The Show" to show Melanie's "lighter side." Blake said, "That was definitely sang it really good," but Christina suggested her to sing something sultry by .

Cassadee Pope sang her coach Blake's choice first, "Stand" by . Christina said, "I don't mind being your co-coach supporter. ... Your chops were spot on." Adam loved the performance, but added that he wanted to see something "different and bizarre."

Cassadee's own choice was 's "I'm With You". "You never cease to amaze me," Cee-Lo commented, while Adam said, "I think that was my favorite performance of yours. My favorite of the night."

Terry McDermott sang 's "I Want to Know What Love Is", which brought back the memory of his late mother. He delivered a stripped down version of it as suggested by his coach Blake. Xtina gushed, "Blake has the strongest bring it home." Cee-Lo said, "I love your rendition," and Adam chimed in, "You always blow us away."

Blake's choice for Terry was 's "Stay With Me", which was a perfect fit for his rock style. "You're probably the most consistent singer," Adam praised him. Cee-Lo added, "I think you are the real thing!"

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