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'The Amazing Race' Recap: Sloppy Chippendales and Sad News for Rock Star James

October 29, 2012 (7:38 am) GMT
Jaymes and James D. are fighting it off with the goat farmers to not arrive the last on the pit stop, while James L. gets new spirit after learning his father's cancer diagnosis.

The remaining seven teams of " 21" continued their journey in the heat of Bangladesh in a Sunday, October 28 episode. After winning the previous leg, James & Abba were getting ready to start first, but not before rocker James got a call from his wife, who informed him that his father's cancer was on stage 4 and there's no chance for remission.

James turned the bad news into a new spirit for him as he declared that the race was no longer about fun and games. He and Abba were the first to head to a market where they got the next clue. The teams quickly faced Roadblock, which challenged them to build a scale with rope and sticks. Once the scale was approved, they had to balance the weight of 4 rocks.

James & Abba finished the Detour first, while dating couple Abbie & Ryan and twins Natalie & Nadiya worked on their scales at the same time. Not a fan of the twins, Ryan mocked the girls but the twins were able to complete the task before Abbie & Ryan.

After the Roadblock, the teams moved on with Detour, which was an option between Straw Dogs and Bamboo Jungle. In Straw Dogs, teams had to untangle fibers on nails to prepare twenty bundles of jute straw and deliver the completed straw to the loom machines. As for Bamboo Jungle, it had teams collect three sets of bamboo trunks and transport the bamboo to a construction site using a bike.

James & Abba chose to do the bamboo task and maintained a wide lead on other teams. They arrived on the pit stop, Lok Shilpa Jadughar, when the other teams were still on Detour. They won the second time in a row and got a trip to Malaysia's tropical rainforest.

The Chippendales as well as the twins chose the same Detour, Bamboo Jungle. The girls struggled to find the right bamboo, while the Chippendales dropped some of bamboo sticks without noticing it. They had to return to pick the left sticks, giving time for the twins to catch up.

Abbie & Ryan completed the Straw Dogs after second attempt and arrived at the pit stop in second place. Ryan was pissed as he wanted to win as many legs as possible. The twins finished in the third place, followed by Rob & Kelley and Trey & Lexi in the fourth and fifth place respectively.

The Chippendales' flub left them racing with Josh & Brent to not arrive in the last place. Jaymes & James D. finally arrived in the sixth place, and the goat farmers were the last team to arrive. Lucky for them, it was a non-elimination leg, so they will return next week.

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