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'The Bachelorette' Recap: Emily Maynard Picks Her Final Four Guys in Prague

June 26, 2012 (3:25 am) GMT
Before choosing the guys who will take her to their hometowns, Emily learns that one of her suitors had a relationship with the show's producer in the past.
'The Bachelorette' Recap: Emily Maynard Picks Her Final Four Guys in Prague

is another step closer to find her future husband on "". In the latest outing of the dating show, the single mother narrowed down the guys from 6 to 4 after going through three single dates and one group date in Prague.

Emily's first one-on-one date was with Arie, who was recently revealed to have dated "Bachelorette" producer Cassie Lambert in 2003. The couple strolled down the streets and kissed, but Emily was waiting to make Arie reveal his past relationship.

Emily began by talking about secrets and trust, and Arie claimed he is "a trustworthy person." The race car driver later confessed that he had a tattoo with a girl's name on it, but has removed it. Host Chris Harrison later revealed that Emily, Arie and Cassie had a conversation about the matter off camera, and Emily's now fine.

Back at their date, Emily and Arie had a dinner, during which he declared his love for her. "I think Croatia did it for me. I think I realized I love you... I just want you to know where my heart is. It's kinda crazy, you know," he admitted.

John received the next date card. He and Emily stopped by the wall, where lovers write messages on locks and put them on the fence. They put their own lock, but Emily told the camera that they "can't seem to connect."

At dinner, John explained what made him take things a little slower with Emily. He revealed that his previous girlfriend cheated on him with a doctor. "With us, I feel like we've taken little steps, but I like taking little steps and taking big strides toward the end. I'm not a starter; I'm a closer," he further said.

When John returned for the date, he claimed it was perfect and made the other guys jealous. Feeling upset, Sean sneaked out of the hotel and met Emily on the street. "This is an awesome surprise," Emily gushed. They kissed before Sean went back to the hotel without the other guys knowing about the secret date.

Sean spent more time with Emily during the group date, this time they were joined by Doug and Chris. They rode an open carriage in the rain, and Chris clearly looked uncomfortable. Emily later stole some alone time with Doug to see if they had a connection, but as they rejoined the group, Emily sent him home.

While Doug had a breakdown in car, Chris and Sean continued their date with Emily. After speaking to both guys separately, Emily gave the rose to Sean.

For the last one-on-one date, Emily took Jef to a marionette shop. They bought two puppets, but Jef ran back to get one small puppet for Emily's daughter, Ricki. Later, they talked about their feelings through their puppets at a library. "I wanna date you so hard and then marry the f*** out of you," he told her.

Emily decided to skip the cocktail party and went straight to the rose ceremony. Chris was nervous because he hadn't had a chance to "make her understand" about his feelings for her. Thus, after Emily gave the roses to Jef and Arie, Chris asked to speak alone with her.

Chris apologized for acting "like a boy" during the group date and assured her that he's "ready to be the man that you deserve." When they were back to the room with the other guys, Emily gave the final rose to Chris, who shouted to the camera, "I'm the happiest man in the world right now!"

Meanwhile, Emily walked John out. He admitted to her that he's "completely shocked right now."

Next week, Emily will visit the final four guys' hometowns.

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