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Rupert Sanders Explains Why Kristen Stewart in 'Snow White' Is Different From Bella Swan

March 23, 2012 (3:27 am) GMT
The 'Snow White and the Huntsman' helmer explains that Stewart will 'try different things' that is a far cry from her portrayal as the 'Twilight Saga' leading lady.

Fans should not expect to see bringing her " Saga" character, Bella Swan, to "". Director Rupert Sanders recently opened up that the actress will "try different things" in his upcoming dark take on the Grimm classic fairy tale.

Speaking to Los Angeles Times' Hero Complex, Sanders praised Stewart's portrayal of Bella in the famous vampire film franchise. He gushed, "I think a lot of people think that she's Bella Swan because she played that part so well, and she really epitomized that character from the books."

Though so, Sanders explained that Stewart will be nothing like Swan in his "Snow White" movie. He said, "She was really strict with herself that she'd wear brown contacts, which is hard to act with those things in, because so much is coming from the eyes, but that's what Bella Swan had."

"She's very serious about what she does, and she's incredibly gifted, and she's incredibly intuitive, and she'll just try different things," the filmmaker added. "She's a very one-of-a-kind actor."

During the chat, Sanders also revealed how he developed such a terrifying villain as 's Queen Ravenna in the film. "I think what we really tried to do is make her a realistic character," he shared.

"It's a hard character to play because everyone has their perception of what the evil queen is and what the villain should do, but I think what was great about what Charlize wanted to do, is she wanted to find a very believable, very realistic, very wounded character," so Sanders elaborated.

He said, "People who are wounded are much more dangerous. You look at nature, people who are protecting their young, or an animal that is wounded is far more vicious and violent than something that is just strong. And I think that she found this incredible pain within herself that made the brutality of what she was doing far more resonant."

As for the iconic magic mirror shown in the trailer, Sanders opened up that the Queen's mirror is a major character in the upcoming movie. "Really, it's in her mind. There's a scene where Finn's watching her from the shadows, and we see the mirror pour out, and it starts to talk to her, and she's ranting at it," he stated.

"And then we cut to Finn, and we see his point of view, and there's nothing there," Sanders added. "The mirror has so much psychological background to it. It's great to play with those themes. He is ultimate truth; he's telling it like it is. He scares her, and he excites her. He's a great character."

Though the movie has been said to have a very dark tone, Sanders insisted that his "Snow White" film is not too scary for kids. "It is a family movie. It's intense. I think it's great," he claimed. "A lot of people who've watched it are like, 'I really want to show this to my kids, because I really believe it's something they should think about'."

In "Snow White and the Huntsman", Stewart plays a warrioress version of the fair-skinned princess. While the Grimm story presents Snow White as a lovely-singing princess, this movie features the female royal as a tough woman. Having the ability to fight and defend herself, she battles the beauty obsessed Evil Queen under the guidance of the Huntsman, who was originally hired to kill her.

Slated for a June 1 release in the U.S., the much awaited movie also stars , , Liberty Ross, Noah Huntley and .


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