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'Project Runway' Recap: Miss Piggy Helps Judges Send Home Another Contestant

January 20, 2012 (7:30 am) GMT
In the January 19 episode, the designers are asked to design a flamboyant cocktail dress for the character from 'The Muppets', which happens to be serving as a guest judge.

": All-Stars" had a unique theme in the third episode. The remaining eleven contestants were assigned to create a "flamboyant cocktail dress for one of the most famous fashionitas" in the world, which turned out to be Miss Piggy from "".

The designers then headed to Mood where they could spend $350 on materials in only a half hour. Gordana noticed that some of them bought black materials, but she and April used pink. She also explained that she would explore the youthful and feminine side of the women.

In the workroom, the pressure was on and arguments erupted because Mondo and Kara wanted to use the same pink gloves from the Neiman Marcus accessory wall. The quarrel was soon over after Mondo let Kara have them, although he was not happy.

When Joanna showed up to mentor, she told Gordana that her dress looked too "nightgownish" at the moment. She, however, advised, "I don't think comfort should really matter when you're dressing a mega-celebrity like Miss Piggy."

The episode presented another drama as Mila got annoyed that Kara and Kenley became "quite codependent." She argued, "This isn't a team competition. Only one person can win."

At the runway, judges , Georgina Chapman and Eric Daman were joined by Miss Piggy while Isaac Mizrahi was away for this week. Looking formal in a grey blazer and a red skirt, the puppet also gave comment on the designers' works.

The judges then called out the top and bottom six. For Austin's combo of pink and grey, Georgina praised the beautiful construction, but the pink is wrong. Eric thought the dress wouldn't look good on a normal-sized woman. Miss Piggy's comment was, "Can you hula hoop in that?"

Rami got good reviews with Eric calling it fun. Miss Piggy said, "The most garish, outlandish, ridiculous thing I have ever seen and I love it." For Gordana's dress, Angela said it was too understated and sophisticated, while the puppet added, "It's a fine, fine dress. I don't know if it's moi."

Michael's dress was a great success as Georgina said it was "sophisticated." Miss Piggy agreed as saying, "I love the dress. It looks like a present!" Angela thought Mila did not give her best with her dress, while Georgina thought it should have more color. Miss Piggy chimed in, "I like that it's retro. It just doesn't scream Miss Piggy!"

Eric loved Kenley's dress, calling it cute and whimsical. Miss Piggy joked, "I do love the hat though because after a big night out on the town, I can use the hat to clean my pots and pans."

After some discussion, the judges decided Michael won the challenge. It was between Gordana and Mila who were in danger of getting eliminated, before it was later revealed that Gordana must pack her bags.

Gordana said she is thankful for the opportunity and felt it's "a great honor to be here." She added, "The one thing that I want to say to people - especially women my age who have given up their lives to raise their families and send their kids to college - is that it's never too late to follow your own dream, whatever that might be."

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