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2012 Midseason TV Guide (Part 1/2)

December 21, 2011 (9:26 am) GMT
The dramatic life of Broadway artists on musical 'Smash' and the heroic, yet emotional journey of Kiefer Sutherland on 'Touch' are some of the themes conyeved on new TV shows next year.
2012 Midseason TV Guide (Part 1/2)

Gearing up to entertain audience for another year, TV networks try to present something fresh with their programming. To provide a preview to some shows that will grace the small screen throughout the rest of winter and the following spring, AceShowbiz presents 2012 Midseason TV Guide in two parts.

The first part focuses on new series that will make their debut in early next year. From "", which marks the return of "" alum , to "" that sees former daytime talk-show queen entering the primetime, all of these shows will provide more alternatives for your home entertainment. Also, there are such rookies as "" and "" which apply the already familiar styles, but with new twists that distinct them from previous works.


Premiere January 16 at 8 P.M. on FOX

Photo: 2012 Midseason TV Guide (Part 1/2)

Crime-solving drama is very common, but with a touch of time-travelling element, "" becomes one of the shows that should not be missed this midseason. Produced by "" co-creator J.J. Abrams, this new series unleashes a mystery about the disappearance of hundreds of criminals from Alcatraz prison in 1963. The problem arises as they somehow show up more than three decades later without aging. As if it's not puzzling enough, our dependable detectives must chase the most dangerous people in the country without enough information of their tracks in the present days.


Premiere March 4 at 10 P.M. on ABC

Photo: 2012 Midseason TV Guide (Part 1/2)

With the men behind "Sex and the City" and "Steel Magnolias" serving as executive producers, "" (previously called "Good Christian Belles") balances drama and wicked jokes while following a divorced single mother who reluctantly returns to her hometown. Making it worse for 's Amanda Vaughn, her school mates won't let her go of her old "sins" and won't make it easy for her to live in the town. Although this show includes a satire to some religious, yet bitchy housewives, people have no reason to be offended since any references to the religion are cleverly used to add the humor and hilarity.

House of Lies

Premiere January 8 at 10 P.M. on Showtime

Photo: 2012 Midseason TV Guide (Part 1/2)

Don't expect to see an example of ideal corporate world on "". Instead, this show will tickle you by unearthing an uncensored side of a cutthroat management consultant firm led by scheming, hedonistic Marty Kaan. Not only seeing his dirty ways in handling business, but also the show gives a spotlight to the unorthodox life of 's character. Making things tougher for Marty, he faces off his own ex-wife as his biggest professional competition. Meanwhile, movie belle is set to draw in more male viewers with raunchy jokes and her sex appeal.

Oprah's Next Chapter

Premiere January 1 at 9 P.M. on OWN

Photo: 2012 Midseason TV Guide (Part 1/2)

Months after wrapping up "", will greet her fans again on the small screen with "". Instead of sitting inside a studio like she used to be, the former daytime talk show queen will take viewers to many places, which some have not had a chance to visit, or meet some important people, while continuing to spread positive messages and occasionally bringing along notable stars. It won't be just an ordinary vacation since every trip will have its own value to share with the audience at home as she herself also has new experiences.

The River

Premiere February 7 at 9 P.M. on ABC

Photo: 2012 Midseason TV Guide (Part 1/2)

Having brought the successful "" film franchise, Oren Peli applies the same found-footage style in his new TV series. In "", what's supposed to be a search mission turns deadly when a team consisting of family and relatives of a famed explorer encounter supernatural things during their journey deep in the uncharted Amazon. While source of the terror is often not captured on the camera, viewers will sometime get physical evidences of the creepy place. Judging from the looks of its promo videos, this adventure-supernatural series will not let fans of horror stories disappointed.


Premiere January 12 at 8:30 P.M. on CBS

Photo: 2012 Midseason TV Guide (Part 1/2)

Being married to a woman is being married to her family; that's exactly the case with on his new sitcom. Inspired by his own real life, "" centers on the titular character who elopes with a Mexican-American girl and returns to face her overprotective, judgmental parents. Bringing more trouble for the former live-long bachelor is his very little knowledge of the family's habits. With some previous shows about Spanish-speaking characters being criticized for making offensive jokes about the culture, it is interesting to see if this show has fresh materials to hook Latinos up.


Premiere February 6 at 10 P.M. on NBC

Photo: 2012 Midseason TV Guide (Part 1/2)

Are you a fan of musical show but finding it hard to enjoy "" teen-centric storyline? Then "" will provide the answer. Not just a rip-off to the already popular FOX show, this Steven Spielberg-created series is targeted to adults by addressing more serious issues. Revolving around the production of a Broadway play about the legendary , it has a stellar cast ensemble that includes Oscar winner and Emmy winner , as well as a newbie in acting world who has stolen people's attention when competing on "".


Premiere March 19 at 9 P.M. on FOX

Photo: 2012 Midseason TV Guide (Part 1/2)

plunges into another heroic mission on "". Unlike Jack Bauer on "" who is aware of his duty, his widower character on this new series must first struggle to accept a-hard-to-believe fact that his mute son is gifted with an ability to detect patterns that connect seemingly unrelated events. While his race to prevent bad things from happenings with the clues given by his son will present high-paced action scenes, the father's efforts to understand what his son wants to communicate will take viewers' emotion upside down.

Other new shows in 2012 midseason:

Jan 01: ""
Jan 03: "", ""
Jan 08: ""
Jan 11: ""
Jan 12: ""
Jan 15: ""
Jan 17: ""
Jan 19: ""
Jan 29: ""

Feb 02: ""
Feb 12: "Secret Stash"
Feb 19: ""

Mar 13: ""
Mar 15: ""

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