December 04, 2016  

'The Muppets' Blasted for Allegedly Spreading Socialist Message to Children

December 6, 2011 (5:49 am) GMT
Financial reviewers Eric Bolling and Dan Gainor have accused the puppet film of brainwashing American kids with anti-corporate propaganda through the portrayal of Tex Richman in the film.

While it has been receiving positive reviews from film critics, "" must face a criticism from a financial commentator. Fox Business Network host, Eric Bolling, has recently accused the kid-friendly movie of brainwashing American kids with an "anti-corporate message".

During his program "Follow the Money" on Friday, December 2, Bolling suggested that the film's villainous character Tex Richman, who wants to raze the Muppet theater to drill oil, is an example of Hollywood's liberal agenda. "Liberal Hollywood depicting a successful businessman as evil? That's not new," Bolling claimed, before passing the subject to guest Dan Gainor of the conservative Media Research Center.

"This is a Muppet movie. The only thing green that should be up there on that screen is Kermit the Frog," Gainor said. "It's amazing how far the left will go just to manipulate your kids, to convince them, give the anti-corporate message. They've been doing it for decades. Hollywood, the left, the media, they hate the oil industry."

"They hate corporate America. And so you'll see all these movies attacking it, whether it was '', which was another kids' movie, the movie '', '', all these movies attacking the oil industry," he continued.

"None of them reminding people what oil means for most people: fuel to light a hospital, heat your home, fuel an ambulance to get you to the hospital if you need that," Gainor stated. "And they don't want to tell that story."

Gainor also blamed the puppet film and some other kid-friendly movies for causing Occupy Wall Street movement. "This is what they're teaching our kids," he said. "You wonder why we've got a bunch of Occupy Wall Street people walking around all around the country, they've been indoctrinated, literally, for years by this kind of stuff."

"Whether it was or Nickelodeon's 'Big Green Help' or '' the Al Gore-influenced movie, all of that is what they're teaching, is that corporations is bad, the oil industry is bad, and ultimately what they're telling kids is what they told you in the movie '': that mankind is a virus on poor old mother Earth," he insisted.

Representatives for "The Muppets" have yet to make any statements regarding the issue. Directed by James Bobin, the comedy movie has opened wide in U.S. theaters since November 23. tackles the role of Tex Richman, while and play Muppets' friends who help them defeat the villainous businessman.


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