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'DWTS' Performace Recap: Ricki Lake Gets First 10s After Almost Giving Up

October 11, 2011 (3:28 am) GMT
Earning 29 out of 30 on the October 10 show, the 'Hairspray' star regrets that she almost broke down during the rehearsal.
'DWTS' Performace Recap: Ricki Lake Gets First 10s After Almost Giving Up

Ricki Lake's hard work was well paid on "" this week. The 43-year-old was complaining during her rehearsal with pro dancer partner and even talking about quitting the show, but she managed to overcome it and show her best on Monday night, October 10.

Dancing the paso doble, Ricki got two 10s from judges for a total of 29. Len Goodman gushed, "Top of the leaderboard, I think so," while Bruno Toli called it "a blockbusting performance." After getting praises, the actress regretted that she contemplated about giving up, saying, "I'm relieved!"

Also stealing the spotlight was J.R. Martinez who danced the foxtrot. Closing the performance show, he was deemed the best male dancer of the night by Len. Carrie Ann Inaba, however, was less impressed as she said, "I thought it was OK... For some reason, this performance fell a little flat for me I think it's the humor - you didn't need the humor." The "" actor got 26 out of 30.

The rest of the contestants barely reached 25 points. After landing on the bottom three last week, Carson Kressley got the lowest score that night (20) for his Viennese waltz which was delivered with "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme. Although Len said "it was great fun," he added that "it's like childbirth - terrible when it's happening, and a joy when it's over." Bruno's comment was similar, "You lost the steps quite a few times. Nobody cares about this. It was fun."

Chynna Phillips, Nancy Grace and Chaz Bono were not safe either. They only led one point from Carson with 21 each. Chynna made a lot of mistakes when dancing the tango, but Carrie Ann consoled her, "You lost your place, but you did not lose your composure."

On Nancy's paso doble, Len commented, "Your dancing is competent, but I can't get excited." Offering an advice, Carrie Ann said, "You need to connect more to the audience." The HLN host indeed looked a bit stumble at the end of her routine.

As for Chaz, the judges gave praises for his relentless efforts. "Like Rocky, you're 'getting stronger!' It wasn't exactly a knockout performance, but it was your best to date," Len said, while Bruno added, "Chaz, in the true spirit of Rocky, no matter how many knock you take, you keep coming back."

Keeping his performance steady, earned 23 for his paso doble with a "Raiders of the Lost Ark" theme. Carrie Ann compared watching his dance to watching an action movie, while Bruno loved "the way you crack your whip." Still, he reminded the actor, "Watch your turns, because sometimes your a bit unsteady."

danced the foxtrot with cute "Toy Story" music which earned her 24. The judges' feedbacks were mostly positive with Bruno gushing, "That was so lovely!" and Carrie Ann admitting, "It made me smile the whole way through. It was so refreshing to see you out there having fun."

also scored 24 for his paso dobel with "Superman" music. "Rob Kardashian, I like the way you move... it's steady, just the way a man should be in the ballroom," Carrie Ann praised him. Trying to pump up Rob's spirit, Bruno stated, "You've got to believe in yourself more and be more assertive."

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