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'Bachelorette' Recap: Ames Gets Dumped After Hometown Dates

July 19, 2011 (3:47 am) GMT
Ashley Herbert chose to eliminate the portfolio manager after she admitted to his mother that their relationship was moving very slowly.

Ashley Herbert got introduced to her suitors' families in Monday (July 18) episode of "". She first visited Constantine's hometown in Cumming, Georgia. He took her to his family's restaurant, Giorgio's, before she met his parents and sister.

Constantine's mother asked Ashley if she is ready to become part of her husband's family and relocate, and the bachelorette said she can be happy anywhere as long as she is with the right guy and he's happy. Meanwhile, Constantine's father told him that he should take time to fall in love, but if Constantine finds the right one he will have his dad's blessing.

The extended family then arrived for a family party complete with traditional Greek dancing. "I'm in love with Constantine's family," Ashley declared.

Her next destination was Pennsylvania which is Ames' hometown. She met his sister Serena, brother-in-law Randy, mom Jane, brother Jim, sister-in-law Tracy and the nieces and nephews. Serena told Ashley that Ames is smitten with Ashley, but she is concerned that Ashley does not feel the same way for her brother.

To Ames' mother, Ashley admitted things between them were moving very slowly. Jane did think that was bad, but Ashley said to the camera, "I'm still missing that romance. I'm still missing the spark between us." Jane then suggested Ames to step up the romance.

Following his mother advice, Ames took Ashley to a park and they had a romantic picnic under a magnolia tree. They took a ride on a horse drawn carriage, and Ashley said, "Today was exactly what I've been looking for."

For Ben's date, he and Ashley visited his family's winery in Sonoma. They did a barrel tasting and shared a kiss. Talking about his past relationships, Ben admitted he has only brought another woman to meet his mom. Ashley was later introduced to his mother Barbara and sister Julia.

Julia thought Ashley is sweet and saw that her brother has opened up to her more than anyone in a long time. To his mother, Ben claimed it's changed from an adventure to having feelings. At the end of the date, Ashley said she could see herself spending the rest of her life with Ben.

Roslyn, NY, J.P.'s hometown, was the last dating spot for Ashley in this episode. He took her roller skating at the skate center where he spent much of his youth. They made out under the disco ball and that made Ashley feel like in seventh grade again. During a more serious conversation, J.P. opened up to Ashley that his last relationship really hurt him.

They later went to J.P.'s home where Ashley met his mom Ilene, dad Peter, brother Roy and girlfriend Andrea. After a dinner, Ilene told J.P. that she was worried his heart would be crushed again. When asked if he will propose to Ashley if he is chosen at the final rose ceremony, he said, "If I feel it, yeah."

Ilene took Ashley aside to say how she is concerned about J.P., and Ashley assured Ilene that she is smitten by J.P. "We have something that is very special to me," she added. After this conversation, J.P.'s mom said, "I think I see a spark in her face, too, which would be very wonderful for the both of them."

Ashley was back to the "Bachelorette" mansion for the rose ceremony. In front of the four bachelors, she admitted it's hard for her to make the decision because she has been treated like part of their families. She then gave the roses to Ben, J.P. and Constantine, sending Ames home.

The self-proclaimed nerd turned gentleman said he respected her decision and felt lucky to have met her. In limo, he said, "I feel pretty numb. I've fallen in love with somebody who clearly didn't fall in love with me back."

In next week's episode, Ashley and the remaining contestants will have a date at Fantasy Suites in Fiji.

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