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Dick Donato: I Left 'Big Brother' Because of Emergency Situation

July 11, 2011 (9:04 am) GMT
Setting things straight on reason of his departure from the reality show, Donato who is also known as Evel Dick states, 'It was an emergency that required my immediate attention.'
Dick Donato: I Left 'Big Brother' Because of Emergency Situation

Dick Donato aka Evel Dick has finally spoken up after his abrupt departure from "" became headlines last weekend. Trying to stop speculations and rumors floating on the web, the winner of season 8, who returned to cycle 13 with his estranged daughter Daniele, said that he had to leave due to personal emergency.

"I wasn't kicked out, I wasn't put in jail, I wasn't diagnosed with cancer, my mother, my son and my girlfriend weren't in any kind of accident or caused me to leave the house in any way shape or form," he began his explanation in a video posted on "My brother wasn't killed, I don't even have a f*****g brother ... all these rumors are just out of hand."

After pointing out that the statement was not made as a lame publicity stunt aimed at promoting the site, Donato also added, "I didn't leave the game to push Daniele farther in the game, as many are saying. I was there to win and so was she." This particular speculation might have arisen because Daniele reportedly gets a "golden key" following his exit.

Confirming report that he was last seen in the Diary Room, Donato revealed that everything indeed started there. "I was summoned the Diary Room and the producers gave me some bad news about somebody I was very close with. Actually, they didn't even come on to the PA in the Diary Room, they came inside the Diary Room," he further stated.

"It was an emergency that required my immediate attention. There was no second thought. I had to leave and they understood completely. I thank them for their understanding and their concern, it means a lot to me. As a matter of fact, they've contacted me a number of times since leaving to see how I'm doing and make sure everything is OK. I really do appreciate how they're helping me out."

Donato went on to offer his apology to CBS, the show's producers, his daughter, other cast mates and fans who were disappointed by him. "This was very unexpected and was not planned in any way, shape or form," he insisted.

"Sometimes people need you and if you're true to them, you do everything you can for them no matter what. This person needs me and I'm there for them no matter what," he further shared. After the long explanation, the 48-year-old former bar manager said, "I am going to respect their privacy and am not going to say anything else about the situation."

"Big Brother" itself will address Donato's departure in an episode to be broadcast on Wednesday, July 13. In a Sunday (July 10) episode, meanwhile, Rachel as the current Head of Household nominated Porsche and Keith for eviction, but wants Porsche to ultimately stay and have the Golden Key so she will vote with them each week.


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