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Taylor Swift Stays Strong at No. 1 on Hot 200 as Holiday Albums Tank

January 6, 2011 (4:20 am) GMT
Losing 'The Gift', 'O Holy Night' and 'Glee' yuletide set from its Top 10 list, Billboard Hot 200 is led by 'Speak Now' in this quiet week.
Taylor Swift Stays Strong at No. 1 on Hot 200 as Holiday Albums Tank

extends her reign on Billboard Hot 200 at the beginning of this new year. Her country music album "" holds on the first position with another 77,000 copies sold in the slow week of the rundown. Although there is no new entry at the Top 10, the holdovers sitting behind her is quite different from those of last week.

After staying in the list for several weeks, holiday albums such as 's "", "" Christmas compilation, and 's "", are out of the Top 10. Their vacant slots at the second, third and fourth are claimed by 's 's "" and 's "" respectively.

The likes of 's "", 's "" soundtrack, 's "", and 's "" make their return after being absent for some weeks and more. Kanye moves up to No. 5, Daft Punk rise to No. 6, Bruno jumps up to No. 7, and Katy pops up at No. 9.

Also getting the advantage of the slow week sales to appear at the Top 10 is . The group's debut album "" finally breaks the list after making its way out in the United States for several months now. They fly up 26 slots to No. 8, scoring their first Top 10 album. The only album staying on the list but suffering decrease is 's "". It's forced to drop one spot from No. 9 to rounding up the Top 10.

  1. "" - (77,000)
  2. "" - (63,000)
  3. "" - "" (62,000)
  4. "" - (61,000)
  5. " - (58,000)
  6. "" Soundtrack - (54,000)
  7. " - (45,000)
  8. "" - (39,000)
  9. "" - (38,000)
  10. "" - (37,000)

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