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Kanye West Wins Race to No. 1 on Hot 200 Against Nicki Minaj

December 2, 2010 (5:54 am) GMT
Kanye blocks Nicki from the penthouse of Billboard Hot 200, but the female rapper is grateful with her debut at No. 2 since she breaks record.
Kanye West Wins Race to No. 1 on Hot 200 Against Nicki Minaj

makes a triumphant entry at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 200 this week, giving him his fourth straight chart topper. The rapper secures the first place on the U.S. albums chart with his latest album "" which opens with 496,000 copies.

His heavy competitor is forced to settle at the runner position. Her debut album "" sells around 375,000 units in its first week of release, making her the first femcee in more than a decade to pull that kind of impressive number since 1998 "" (423,000).

"I'm just so grateful and kind of still in shock. These numbers haven't been put up since 1998," she gushed to MTV. "It just makes me feel proud of my team, proud of my fans, everyone who has had something to do with my dreams. Finally, we are seeing this dream come to fruition. It feels incredible."

The other new entries are 's "" which arrives at No. 7, 's "" which lands at No. 8, and 's "" which follows the rock record at No. 9.

The rest belong to 's "" at No. 3, 's "" at No. 4, 's "" at No. 5, and 's "" at No. 6. Rounding up the Top 10 is the latest Christmas compilation set from "" cast.

  1. "" - (496,000)
  2. "" - (375,000)
  3. "" - (263,000)
  4. "" - (241,000)
  5. "" - (142,000)
  6. "" - (141,000)
  7. "" - (115,000)
  8. "" - (112,000)
  9. "" - (112,000)
  10. ": The music, The Christmas Album" - various artists (108,000)

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