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Scarlett Johansson Is 16 and Pregnant on 'SNL'

November 15, 2010 (2:51 am) GMT
Plus, Kanye West and George W. Bush rivalry is addressed in Weekend Update to reveal how they have resolved the problem.
Scarlett Johansson Is 16 and Pregnant on 'SNL'

As a child actress whose transition to an adult one is clean, gives a lot of advice to young stars out there through "" sketches. The 25-year-old turned 16 in a spoof of MTV's "" which is mashed up with "". In another sketch, she's a starlet of a Disney show.

Wearing a fake pregnant belly, Johansson appears with a gown and tiara to portray a spoiled teenager who is wheeled into delivery room. The sketch takes on programs by MTV which is shortened from Maternity Television. It presents "America's Best Pregnant Dance Crew", "Wild 'N Out" featuring a baby, "Cribs" which is simply about baby's bed, and "I'm and Pregnant".

Earlier that night, Johansson melts the ice with some points that young stars can take note on. "For a start wear underwear, why wouldn't you, it takes seconds to put on and it's comfortable. Underwear - it's your friend," she says. "Another way to keep cameras out of your life; do not have a show where cameras follow you around. That's an easy one and if you make a sex tape you are not allowed to act surprised when it ends up on the Internet. Sex tapes are like take away soup containers, they always leak."

"And if you are desperate to watch yourself have sex, use a mirror. They are like cameras that forget, which makes me wonder: Why can't celebrities keep it together these days?" Johansson continues before breaking into a "Chicago" song with "Dina Lohan" and "".

That night, Johansson also mimics Patti Stanger from "", a pregnant Latina, Terry the child star and also herself for Hollywood Dish segment. appear as the musical guest, performing "We Used to Wait" and "Sprawl II".

This week's Weekend Update takes a jab at - George W. Bush rivalry, with Jay Pharoah playing the former and playing the latter. "We're both rich and we're both impulsive. He interrupted at an awards show, I interrupted how well our country was doing for eight years," Sudeikis' Bush deadpanned.

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