August 27, 2016  

New PSA: Lauren Conrad Urges People to Raise Awareness Against Fashion Faux Pas

October 9, 2010 (4:38 am) GMT
In the newly-outed PSA, the 24-year-old beauty talks about some fashion faux pas which people usually do, saying that people's awful fashion choices are abusing others' eyes and sensibilities.

"" star has launched a new PSA to address the importance of avoiding a poorly chosen outfit which she called "Fashion F**k Ups" or F.F.U.s. In the more than 2 minutes clip, the 24-year-old fashion designer/New York Times best selling author dished out four major fashion faux pas.

Conrad started the F.F.U.s. PSA with "kitten heels" issue. Conrad said that this kind of heels are a big no-no for the ladies, mentioning the only person who can get away with wearing kitten heels is and ' little daughter Suri Cruise. "Take off the training shoes and stretch your stuff the way your plastic surgeon intended," she suggested.

As for men, Conrad urged them to stop wearing jean shorts, which she described as "jorts", convincing them that no girl would end up with a man wearing jorts. "Next stop is bedazzled look," Conrad went on. She assured men that they won't look tougher by wearing outfit with awful graphic tees. The last advice for men is to get rid of their skinny jeans. "Make sure when you use that crude pick-up line of 'what's in your pants, that you're not calling your own bluff'," she gently said.

Though the F.F.U.s. isn't a really serious issue unlike what she said in the PSA, Conrad said that people's awful fashion choices are abusing others' eyes and sensibilities. She said that it's OK "to change your friends if it makes you look better" because, if you're not, "you're only fu**ing yourself." Conrad ended her PSA with a remark, "When it comes to fashion, the more you know, the further you'll go."

Lauren Conrad just released her third book "Sugar and Spice" on Tuesday, October 5. The book follows her first novel, "L.A. Candy", which hit the shelves in June 2009 and the sequel, "Sweet Little Lies", which was launched on February 16. She will also appear in upcoming MTV reality series, titled "Lauren Conrad: Fiercely Fashionable", which will focus on her career in fashion industry.

Lauren Conrad's PSA Against "Fashion F**k Ups":


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