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Comic Con 2010: 'Bones' Presents Reel and Emily Deschanel

July 24, 2010 (4:52 am) GMT
The ended romance between Brennan and Booth became the major subject of the discussion and the sneak peek reel for season 6.

Fresh from sexual harassment accusation, sidelined his personal life to present "" at San Diego Comic Con on Friday, July 23. He was the sole star scheduled to attend the panel but it turned out joined him a while later.

A reel was played during the hour, focusing on the last season's ender when Brennan and Booth decided to go separate ways. But true to the show's nature, no squishy love stuff will take over the fun and the scientific discoveries for long.

Boreanaz said that Booth will always be in love with Brennan although he'll be with other women. About the split itself, Deschanel said, "Being in Maluku made her realize how strong her feelings for Booth are and maybe she regrets turning him down when he put his heart out for her last season."

In a further discussion, executive producer Hart Hanson responded to a question whether it's worth it for Booth and Brennan to start dating. "Everything happens eventually - When? We're not saying!" he said cryptically before asking the audience's opinion whether they should be together. The crowd cheered on the thought of them dating.

Moving away from the romantic element, Hanson said Heather Taffet will return as the Gravedigger in the sixth season. He thought the gravedigger is the evil version of Brennan and hinted that a new character may be introduced for the evil version of Booth.

Meanwhile, Hodgins and Angela are happy in Paris. Hanson said, a character blurts out a very important thing in the first return episode that it will play a major role in the season's story. This leads to the speculation that Angela is pregnant. There's also a plan to make a 3D episode which the audience disapproves. Amazed at the reaction, Boreanaz joked, "Why don't you like 3D? Wow, they're really not liking 3D. How about 9D?".

"Bones" season 6 premieres September 23.


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