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Exclusive Interview: Charice on 'Charice', Justin Bieber Duet and Celebrity Crush

May 20, 2010 (10:01 am) GMT
The Filipino singer says she wants fans to listen to her own song in her first international album and would love to duet with Justin Bieber for a future project.
Exclusive Interview: Charice on 'Charice', Justin Bieber Duet and Celebrity Crush

Gifted with profound, rich and soaring 10 decibel voice, has made many music fans watching her performances in awe, be it on YouTube during her start of career or on live shows. Starting her career from one singing competition to another, she is now an international singer with an album climbing to No. 8 on Billboard Hot 200.

Cracking the U.S. albums chart actually is not on top of her goal as Charice told exclusively to AceShowbiz that with this effort, she simply wants people to hear her own songs. "I have sung covers until now," she said. Indeed, this 18-year-old singer contributes to songwriting process by co-penning a song called "Reset".

Beside talking about the album "Charice" which is now out for the Chasters to purchase on iTunes, Charice also recalled her recent meeting with on "" in an episode of World's Most Talented Kids. Praising the Canadian singer as a nice person, the teen pop star said she would love to make a duet with him one day.

ASB: Congratulation for your single "Pyramid" which peaked at No. 1 on Billboard Dance chart. So, what is the song about?

Charice: It's about being strong like a pyramid. How love stands strong.

ASB: What can you tell us about "Pyramid" music video which features ?

Charice: Yes, it's my first video. To some degree it reflects the story of my life - going through auditions and seeing optimism in the future. I perform in a theater and visualize the performance. It's a message of optimism really and to encourage other people with dreams to not give up.

ASB: Any idea which song will be released as a follow-up to "Pyramid"?

Charice: We still haven't decided.

ASB: We heard you have also covered 's "Baby". Tell us about it.

Charice: That's funny! I created an impromptu video on my flip of me singing "Baby" in my hotel room - it got posted on Perez Hilton with over 100k hits! I dedicated it to Perez Hilton's dog, Teddy.

ASB: How did it feel like to be dubbed as one of the World's Most Talented Kids with Justin on ""?

Charice: It was amazing - I loved meeting Justin.

ASB: Please describe to us about your first meeting with him on the show!

Charice: He came into my dressing room and I was sitting on the sofa with Iyaz. He was very nice and we chatted for a while.

ASB: You both are young and talented. Have you ever thought about making a duet with him?

Charice: I would love to - maybe one day. [smiling]

ASB: What about a duet with your good friend ?

Charice: We did duet already on a Christmas song for David's christmas album - check it out!

ASB: About your first international self-titled album. What do you want to achieve with this record?

Charice: For people to hear my own songs. I have sung covers until now.

ASB: What is the difference between you previous record and this new one?

Charice: This is my first international release and my first album of my own songs.

ASB: Some artists have a name for their devotees, like Beiber Fever and Little Monster. Do you also have a name for your fans?

Charice: Yes, they are Chasters. I love them.

ASB: You turned 18 on May 10. How did you celebrate your birthday?

Charice: [I] had a birthday party at my hotel with my friends. I also celebrated it online with the Chasters.

ASB: Have you considered dating? What do you look for in a boy?

Charice: I have not considered dating. In anyone, friend or other wise, I look for a nice person.

ASB: Who is your celebrity crush?

Charice: - he's a lovely person.

ASB: Say you are given a chance to do something else beside singing, what would you do?

Charice: I would be a student.

ASB: Please leave a message for your fans at AceShowbiz.

Charice: Hey Chasters and fans!!! It's awesome getting to know you and look forward to hearing from you on Twitter!!!

The Chasters can also get updated info about Charice on her official website and Facebook.

Photo: Exclusive Interview: Charice on 'Charice', Justin Bieber Duet and Celebrity Crush


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