December 06, 2016  

The Fray's 'You Found Me' Music Video for 'Lost' Season 5

November 21, 2008 (9:11 am) GMT
The Fray debut a music video for their new single 'You Found Me' that also contains some scenes from the new season of ABC's 'Lost'.

Debuted November 20 during the airing of "" is the promo video of "" that features the new single from . The video that is produced by ABC and Epic Records combines exclusive scenes from the upcoming fifth season of the drama thriller series plus the band's live performance footage on "You Found Me".

Rooting from their successful debut album "" (2005), The Fray will drop their self-titled sophomore effort on February 3, 2009 with "You Found Me" as the lead single. "The record definitely has some isolation and loneliness rolled into the fabric of the sound and lyrics," frontman Isaac Slade explains. "We'd been gone from our family and friends for more time than we'd been home. You start to lose sight of priorities and lose sight of balance and you don't really have the luxury of a routine. When that happens, naturally it comes out in the music."

Set 108 days after the fateful plane crash, "Lost" picks up the story after 6 people successfully escape from the island and returns to their normal lives but they are haunted by the fact that many are still left on the now-vanished island. The new season will start invading the small screen on January 21 at 9/8c.

This would be the second time that The Fray assist ABC in providing a promo score for their TV series. In 2006 they attached their popular hit "How to Save a Life" to "Grey's Anatomy". On the partnership ABC Entertainment executive president of marketing Michael Benson says that they look at ABC "as the biggest radio station in the world." Slade also explains the benefits for the band in gaining the partnership, saying "My goal is for those people to get to know us as a complete picture. We've always been very much about the word-of-mouth. ... If we do ever lose fans on either side of the extreme, I would hope that our core would stay with us."

"" is available for download on iTunes and the band's official site.


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