August 25, 2016  

New Trailer for Mike Myers' 'Love Guru' to See

May 6, 2008 (2:24 am) GMT
Before Mike Myers and Jessica Alba-starrer 'The Love Guru' gets its share of theatrical screening, a new trailer of the comedy movie has been released on the interweb.

Before anyone heads down to the theaters to watch the latest comedy movie from , Paramount Pictures have provided movie lovers with a better look into "" on the net through a new trailer. The new video footage runs far less than the first since it doesn't last up to two minutes. However, it still gives out many never before seen clips from the movie.

Unlike the first trailer which is opened with a thoughtful narration, this new trailer offers a more comical opening as the voice of serious Pitka telling about his childhood experience can be heard on the background. As he continues his story, the camera gets closer to him showing that he has given the narration using the voice-over machine. The compilation of clips then goes on with the introduction of Pitka by the real narrator.

As the narrator takes on with his story, a series of clips are exposed, some of them have been included in the first video, some others are new ones. The new footages include a scene showing Pitka meeting an old Indian guru and tell him about his goal of being an ashram and also when he tries to impress a girl with his skills of mixing a cocktail. The trailer can be seen below or on its trailer page at AceShowbiz.

Coming from the actor who made Austin Powers a world wide name, "Love Guru" is a comedy movie that follows the story of Pitka, an American raised by Indian gurus. Returning to America when he is older, he seeks for fame and fortune by means of his spirituality. There, he faces his greatest challenge yet when he has to fix the estranged relationship between Toronto Maple Leafs star hockey player Darren Roanoke and his wife so that Roanoke can bring his team to win the Stanley Cup. The comedy tidbit set to generate laughters in the theaters on June 20 teams up Myers, , , and as the stars.

"The Love Guru" Second Trailer:


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