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Best Movie Released in 2008

December 31, 2007 (7:06 am) GMT
Must see movies released in 2008.
Best Movie Released in 2008

A list consisting of promising movies released during 2008 are still dominated by superhero and sci-fi movie. Here some of them that AceShowbiz recommends for your consideration. Keep your list from now on and be ready when it comes to your theater nearby.

In the early 2008, on January 18 to be exact, prepare for the coming of "", J.J. Abrams-produced flick which has raised such a big hype around the net for the mystery surrounding the giant monster it features in. Followed by in February with as a young man who has genetic anomaly to transport himself anywhere.

Next superhero from Marvel comics, "", will be one of most anticipated movies coming in early May, exactly 2 weeks before "" and 3 weeks prior to "". Moving to summer, June 13 will be the release date of "", which has been said by scribe Zak Penn to be a sequel to 2003's "" yet will be different enough to also be considered a reboot.

Summer will then conclude with "" on July 11 and new sequel to "", "", on July 18. Returns as explorer Rick O'Connell to combat the resurrected Han Emperor, will start his adventure in "" in the beginning of August.

Fall, in the meantime, will greet three others of "" (Oct. 24), "Bond 22" (Nov. 7), and "" (Nov. 22), the sixth chapter in the bespectacled teen wizard tale.

Not to be missed either certainly are a slew of new titles which seemingly have potentiality to stand up in their own genres. In horror, there are -starred "", "", and George A. Romero's "", all coming up in February 2008. Meanwhile, thriller has those of Clive Barker-written "Midnight Meat Train" (May 16), M. Night Shyamalan's "" (June 13), Bryan Singer's "" (June 27), and "" (Aug. 8), which reunites star with helmer D.J. Caruso after "."

As for comedy, big laughs can possibly come from "" (Feb. 29) and "" (June 20), each getting highlighted by a Frat Pack member; the former by while the latter by Steve Carrell. Also slated to steal major attention is -directed "" (July 11) as it boasts starry cast of , , and besides Stiller himself. Those who prefer romantic comedies, however, can look forward to 's vehicle "" (Jan. 11), 's "" (Apr. 4), 's "" (May 2) and TV-based film "" in the end of May.

Big portion of attention should be directed to animated features as well. Potential titles include DreamWorks Animation's "" (June 6) and Disney/Pixar's "" (June 27), written and directed by Andrew Stanton, the creative mind behind Oscar-winning pic "." Another DreamWorks box office hit has its sequel in November, "Madagascar: The Crate Escape", with Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman as the main characters back in action.

Others deserving same attention are "" (Dec. 12), a remake of 1951 sci-fi classic and starred by , musical feat "" (July 18), drama "" (Dec.19), and Wachowski Brothers-directed "" (May 9), which has its real actors acted in front of the green screen for all of its racing scenes.


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