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New Teaser for Seal's New Album, 'System'

October 29, 2007 (6:42 am) GMT
Seal has posted a 20 second clip promoting his album that has released its first single 'Amazing'.
New Teaser for Seal's New Album, 'System'

A new promotional video for 's '' has been posted on YouTube. The 20 second clip not only reveals the album cover art but also the clean version of his first single, 'Amazing'.

'System' will be released on November 13, sporting a duet with his wife in one of the tracks called 'Wedding Day'. The Grammy-winning singer wrote the piece on the morning he wed the German supermodel.

On the reason he decided to name the album 'System', Seal explained, "I'm talking about the emotional system - how one functions in a relationship. I felt that I and people close to me were victims of a domestic system, and we were being conditioned to accept the status quo. But on this album I'm saying it's time for us to take charge. We can change it. We can take control of our emotional system and be happy."

'System' Teaser: